Friday, August 2, 2013

Addressing Karmic Relationships

How do you know if you're in a karmic partnership? If whatever you do or they do, you can't avoid it, and you keep returning for more. One sided connection, you adore your man a lot more that he adores you. When he spends more cash after that he has, in trying to catch the focus of her eye. It's a tourist attraction that drives you insane. When she turns herself into a psychological pretzel, in attempting to kindly him anyhow she can. Responsibility and intense "listed here we return" fear. There's a lot of unclear emotions shown, as you find yourself in your own dark corners, and your driven [by them] to get rid of those issues. All the connections that have heavy karma don't have breathable space in between the two of you. Your never-ending devotion for his passion ... as highly effective as it is, is not seen by him, or is not as heavily expressed as yours is. And you know this, but you keep going back, wishing things will transform ... yet they do not. You will remove an arm to get his focus ... now just how inefficient is that !!! So do you prefer from this co-dependent clutter ?!

Karmic lessons are presented by Spirit from the light of Poise, and no two karmic relationships coincide. A karmic connection is past life history [cause and effect], that you are now rejuvenating into equilibrium. Karma is cause and effect arising from your unacceptable actions with people, and as we find out to correct the pattern, we discover equilibrium. Dharma is way too much good domino effect finding equilibrium [spent in the wrong areas] When we're in equilibrium we're in placement with our true self, and consequently in alignment with God/Love/Gratitude/Wholeness. Both karma and dharma, are totally out of our command, as to just how the lesson comes at us, this my friend is up to Spirit. However, I can review a predicament and point out "that will certainly create karma", and choose to prevent everything with each other. Purposely harming someone for personal gain develops high karma.

In a relationship, the more powerful the physical attraction is, the stronger the karmic lesson will certainly be. The physical attraction [chemistry] was created by God to keep us with that person, so they might assist us push through our problems. Since if I truly understood of the pain I would certainly go through with this person, then I would certainly fly the room shouting !!! Yet the strong physical attraction holds me constant, so the course can unfold. By having this encounter and knowing this lesson with this person, I've come out of this partnership a much better individual.
Karma makes a drive in us, that we do not have much command over as in just how our emotions flutter, it's not something we can conceal from, and to tell the truth, the just route is to turn and face it. Exactly what is it that will deliver you back into harmony, and back in to positioning with your true real self? Returning to equilibrium has some variation to do with taking back your power, or exercising forgiveness [for self and others], filling in your power and organizing your very own life ... without controlling an additional. And it's one thing to have in your thoughts the idea of Self empowerment, although the genuine job starts when we adhere to that believed with action, and put all that remarkable knowledge into technique. Every favorable step you take, brings you closer to your real authentic Self, and independence from karma with that individual. Karma can be seen as the chains that hold us back from self empowerment in phrase. The heavier the karma, the less liberty of real self expression.

When Karma is solved with another individual, the warmth of the tourist attraction thaws and softens, or it feels like you're done or like the web page has actually been transformed. A weight has actually been raised and it's now easy to tip away, the love is still there, it's just not as hot, and it's moved from enthusiast to friend.

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